About Adiveda

Adiveda is a small organisation started under the tutelage of eminent spiritual Guru and author Vanamali Mataji. Our aim is to spread the supreme knowledge of the Sanatana Dharma through the length and breadth of this ancient land of Bharat to people from all walks of life.

About Vanamali Mataji

Vanamali Mataji resides in Vanamali Ashram, Rishikesh. Vanamali is one of the names of Lord Krishna and she is an ardent Krishna bhakta. “Vanamali” means “the wearer of a garland of wild flowers”.

Vanamali Mataji has written numerous well-rated books on the Sanatana Dharma and the deities of the Hindu pantheon. Mataji also conducts free-for-all classes on the Srimad Bhagavad Gita and Vedic Philosophy both in the ashram and abroad.

The ashram does a lot of charitable work in and around Rishikesh. Mataji also helps in running a small school in a Himalayan village called Gaja and a tribal school in the Wayanad district of Kerala.

Introduction to Vedas

A six-part series on the sacred texts that form the foundations of Indian philosophy.


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