Learn how to live stress-free.

Manage stress better with this 5-hour yoga course. Learn how to calm your body and mind with movement, breathing, meditation and awareness.

Starting on Monday, 20th Sept | 7:30 - 8:30 PM IST (Recordings available)

(Cancel within 2 days from the start of the course and get a full refund)

Francesca, Germany

"It's the perfect combination of loving people, very wise professionals and good friends.This course is a new beginning, an amazing view of how the rest of your life can, and should be."

What you'll get

Five hours of live online sessions that offer a holistic approach to dealing with stress

14-day access to full course content

Lifetime access to guided sessions for everyday practice

Teachings from ancient Indian scriptures that have been embellished by oral tradition

Certificate of completion

Lifetime access to a community of like-minded peers

(Cancel within 2 days from the start of the course and get a full refund)

Learn from the best of yoga teachers

Our teachers have improved the lives of hundreds of thousand students from across the globe.


Teaching Hours





What you'll learn

Movement with Aditya

Live an active lifestyle without exercising.

Exercise feels like a chore, requires dedicated time in the day and we struggle to make it a habit.

With Aditya, you’ll learn simple movements that you can employ in your day-to-day life that makes you healthier, more energetic and balanced through the day .

Asanas with Vishnu

Free yourself from back, shoulder and neck pain.

Our lifestyle choices lead to tons of accumulated stress in our upper body.

With Vishnu, you’ll learn how to practice yogic asanas that help you release bodily stress and feel more active through the day .

Breath work with Parveen

Relax your body and mind. Sleep better.

Pills might help you fall asleep but prolonged use can slow down your mind, cause hallucinations and even depression.

With Parveen, you’ll learn effective breathing techniques that reset your endocrine system and help you relax and sleep better .

Therapy with Yashashree

Strengthen your immune system with sound vibrations.

Stress hormones suppress the effectiveness of the immune system and make us susceptible to infections.

With Yashashree, you’ll learn how to use the sound of mantras to calm your mind, boost immunity and overall wellbeing .

Mind matters with Bhavesh

Rise above the stresses of day-to-day life.

Most of us don’t have the right knowledge to manage the conflicts that occur at home and at work.

With Bhavesh, you’ll learn how to develop the right mindset and techniques to tame the monkey mind and manage conflicts better .

Course schedule

One hour live sessions with each teacher. The first 45 minutes of every class will be dedicated to new learning, followed by a 15 minute Q&A session.

Monday, 20th Sep

Movement with Aditya

7:30 - 8:30 PM IST

Tuesday, 21st Sep

Asanas with Vishnu

7:30 - 8:30 PM IST

Wednesday, 22nd Sep

Breath work with Parveen

7:30 - 8:30 PM IST

Thursday, 23rd Sep

Sound therapy with Yashashree

7:30 - 8:30 PM IST

Friday, 24th Sep

Mind matters with Bhavesh

7:30 - 8:30 PM IST

(Cancel within 2 days from the start of the course and get a full refund)

Meet your teachers

Learn from some of the best teachers from Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world.


After working in corporates for 12 years, Aditya decided it was time to turn inwards. He moved to the Shivananda Ashram in Kerala, dedicating all his time to his yoga practice and became a certified yoga instructor. Aditya’s movement sessions helps you reconnect with your own body mind system.


Vishnu began his yoga journey at the age of 18. His arduous practice and passion for asana developed into a spiritual journey. Vishnu has over six years of teaching experience and has been trained under the proficient Swami Rudradeva Goda. He has also earned a Master’s degree in yoga from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University.


Parveen has been practicing yoga more than a decade. She has studied Ayurveda and transcendental meditation at one of the oldest yoga universities in the world. Parveen has lead wellness sessions at WIPRO, TCS and other multi-national companies. Parveen now teaches and guides yogis and healers across the world.


Yashashree's penchant for yoga therapy was apparent from a very young age. She holds a Master’s degree in Yoga Therapy and has mastered the use of alternative therapies in treating ailments. She combines yoga with acupressure and other alternative therapies to help treat various ailments. She frequently conducts health camps and workshops across India.


Bhavesh found his way to Rishikesh after His Guru entered his life. Within three years of quitting his engineering job in London, he was conducting yoga workshops with the likes of TATA, Reliance Industries and Axis Bank. He not only understands the subject matter, but lives it everyday thus imparting true knowledge to his students.

(Cancel within 2 days from the start of the course and get a full refund)

Some love from the community

Bhaveshji is a master of Indian Philosophy.

He takes you on this journey of transformation, righteousness and knowledge like no one else. More than a course, this is a discovery of self and a life-changing experience.

Aditi Purnapatre

Learning with Parveen goes beyond the classes.

I feel more sincere, disciplined and empathetic after learning with her. There's a long way to go in my spiritual journey and I am grateful to have her guidance and support.

Sanish Kulkarni

Aditya's classes were one of the highlights of the year.

Being quite an experienced practitioner I was very impressed by his knowledge to make it interesting for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

Annette Dittert

Aditya's class makes me feel so energetic and refreshed.

I have attended yoga classes before, but the way he teaches movement is mind-blowing. The stretch in the muscles, the burn in the belly makes it all worth it.

Deepika Shah

I am so lucky to have attended Bhavesh's classes.

He explains important and sometimes difficult to understand topics in a light-hearted way with easy to memorise examples and even classes on heavy topics become a lot of fun.


I haven't met anyone who doesn't love his classes.

Despite having so much knowledge Bhavesh is still able to keep the content light and simple. He keeps it real and is therefore able to resonate also with people from all over.

Karin Slater

Parveen has her own beauty of helping people.

The techniques I learnt from her really helped me know myself better and helped me evolve as a person. Her sessions helped me overcome a lot of mental blocks.

Snehal Singh

I always recommend Yashashree. God bless her!

My lower back pain and diabetes are much more manageable now. She’s always ready to help. The results are amazing and she’s solely responsible for the drastic change in my lifestyle.

Vijaya Sharma

Aditya’s sessions are truly very relaxing.

His ability to show the right technique everytime, and calm others is just amazing. My body is getting better now. It’s something i look forward to and really appreciate.

Marcela Korcolova

Vishnu has pushed me to my best.

Vishnu’s classes have taught me to look at yoga as a way of life. I’ve learned to go beyond headstands and handstands and understand the esoterics of yogasanas.

Arti Kukreti

Vishnu's alignment classes are a 10 on 10!

He tailors every class based on what we really need. My posture is a lot better now. Particularly enjoy his sequence, it’s dynamic and we learn to surrender in the posture.

Rishikesh Dubey

Yashashree is really just too good!

I had tremendous stress, was diagnosed with anxiety, and had put on a lot of weight. Her yoga, diet and acupressure treatments have changed me physically and mentally.

Jayashree Kabra

(Cancel within 2 days from the start of the course and get a full refund)

Frequently asked questions

Where will the sessions be hosted?

All classes will be conducted online on zoom. You will receive the link to join the sessions when you sign up.

I signed up but haven’t received the zoom link. What now?

No worries! You’ll be added to a WhatsApp group where we will be sharing the link to join in on zoom.

What if I'm not able to attend? Will I get access to the class recordings?

Yes, we’ll be sharing links to the recordings that you can have access to for 15 days.

How long will it take to get access to recordings?

We’ll post them on the WhatsApp group within 24 hours of the session.

Can I cancel my course purchase if I don’t like it? Will I get a refund?

Yes! If you didn't find the sessions helpful, we have no intention to keep your money. You can cancel anytime before September 22nd and we will issue a refund. Email us on learnwithadiveda[at]gmail[dot]com and we’ll refund your money within hours. You will be removed from the WhatsApp group and will have no access to the class recordings. No strings attached.

I made a payment but didn’t receive a confirmation.

Reach out to your bank to confirm if the money has been debited. You can also DM us on Instagram @adivedagurukul so we can double check at our end too.

How do i get access to the guided sessions?

We’ll share them on WhatsApp after each session is over.

Begin your journey towards a happier healthier life.

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